Stine Deja is behind the fifth contribution to My Museum. Here she puts at our disposal modules and expressions that may be recognized from her own works. By using the computer-generated body parts and prostheses made by her, we thus get an opportunity to create our own surreal and science fiction-like collages.

Deja works in the cross-field between biology and technology, between real and virtual. By inviting us into her universe, she now offers to us an opportunity to investigate this area more closely. In My Museum it is possible to experiment with the human anatomy itself, creating beings and life forms that may be the results of the free-flowing imaginations of today but which might be tomorrow’s reality.

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About Stine Deja

In her works, Deja combines elements of scientific research with pure fiction, in such a way that what is well-known and what is disquieting are merged into each other. In this way she challenges and activates both the knowledge and the imagination of the spectator. Through her art, high-tech is amalgamated with overarching existential and universal themes, opening our eyes to technology’s crucial importance for our existence and for our perspective of the world.

Stine Deja is represented in the Esbjerg Art Museum collection with the video sculpture Crisp(r) Creaturesfrom 2021. She created the work especially for the exhibition Wunderkammer 3 – DNArt which was the final part of the museum’s large-scale, multi-year exhibition and research project Wunderkammer. Her work came into being thanks to inspiration from the advances of DNA research as well as from focusing on the fundamental questions of life: Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we headed?