Ruth Campau is the fourth artist to contribute to My Museum. She presents some of her colour panels and strokes in order to let the participants engage in their own experiments. By manipulating Campau’s artistic gesture, by turning the level of transparency up and down, by changing the shades of the colours, and perhaps by inserting a self-chosen motive, you get the opportunity to add your own characteristic look to her expression.

As a painter Ruth Campau operates in an expanded field. She paints in spaces, thereby challenging the scale of painting. Often, she uses a broom as her brush, applying long and precise strokes of paint to transparent acryl sheets, creating painterly installations. As co-creator in My Museum it is now possible for you to play with scales and layers of colour and create your own spatial pictures.

How to start

Ruth Campau’s strokes can be found in this folder.

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About Ruth Campau

Initially, Ruth Campau’s works appear to be simple while at the same time they are spatially complex. Colour is her primary artistic agent, and the stroke itself often functions as the artistic ‘content’. On the one hand her expression is industrial and cool, while on the other it is both sensual and vibrating. Interacting with her works is thus a physical experience, and hence, Campau is the artist behind a lot of large-scale public artworks.

Campau has contributed to numerous exhibitions at Esbjerg Art Museum. Furthermore, several of her works are to be found in our collection: in the large installation Mirage, we are drawn into a splintered mirror image of the world, at once beautiful and unsettling, while the sculpture R folds, reflects, and colours the room around it. Museum guests may also be familiar with The Well which, behind its transparent yellow strokes, hides an alternative and convivial meeting place.