Wunderkammer 3 – DNArt

24. April 2021 – 16. January 2022

Life’s big questions form the basis of Wunderkammer 3: Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going from here? The exhibition is organized in cooperation with DNA researchers who work with the extraction of knowledge from life’s invisible, but most fundamental building blocks.

Mortensen – and others

– January 2 2022

Esbjerg Art Museum is in possession of one of the largest collections of Richard Mortensen’s works. While this collection of his works has never been displayed in its entirety, a large part of it is shown here in a completely new presentation.


– the Collection in Perspective

June 2020 –

The title of this presentation of the collection is taken from the world of music. We have transferred

the musical term from the sense of hearing to sight.