FINN REINBOTHE: UNTITLED (Working Air) (Directors Cut) – B sides and Rarities (The Movie)

February 19 – August 21 2022

How can cover plastic and used cardboard boxes be combined with philosophical considerations and become art? Where is the borderline between meaning and meaninglessness? And how can tools from the world of film be used to expand the audience’s experience in the exhibition?

Transpositions – between work and gaze

February 19 – August 21 2022

How can the works of different artists communicate in new ways?

How can a museum collection remain relevant and contemporary?

And how can the museum use an artist’s gaze in the development of new exhibition formats?


– the Collection in Perspective

June 2020 –

The title of this presentation of the collection is taken from the world of music. We have transferred

the musical term from the sense of hearing to sight.