BREAKUP. Hamburg art from the 1920s and 30s

March 23 – September 1 2024

Lately, art from interwar Germany has received renewed interest. More often than not, the main interest has centered on Berlin and the avant-garde of the metropolis. But how did the breakthrough for new ideas and experiments happen in the rest of the country? And which parallels may be drawn to politics and society, as well as to today’s questions about centre vs periphery?


March 23 – September 1 2024

How do new works enter the collection? How does a museum find out which works to buy? And where do the ideas come from?

These are questions we are often asked; with our present exhibition, we try to deliver concrete answers for them. The exhibition Correlations presents a selection of the works that the museum has acquired during the last ten years.


– the Collection in Perspective

June 2020 –

The title of this presentation of the collection is taken from the world of music. We have transferred

the musical term from the sense of hearing to sight.