Christian Skeel was the first artist to develop a multiple for My Museum. With his contribution, he sets the stage for everyone to add to their personal photographs a new, artistic expression.

Using the programme ImageDivider you may draw a “mesh” on top of a photo from your own archive. Every section of the mesh is converted to a colour that appears as a result of the programme’s calculation of the average values of all the colours from the same section of the original photo. In this way it is possible to convert a photo from one’s summer holidays or family gathering to an interesting, abstract picture with surprising optical features. And all photos can be worked on over and over again – they change completely depending on whether the mesh consists of a mass of small squiggles or of broad and soft lines.

This is how you start

First, download Christian Skeel’s picture programme ImageDivider. It is downloadable for both PCs and Mac computers.

The programme will not work on iPads and Chromebooks.

If you are a Mac user, click here.

If you are a PC user, you may download the programme from

This is how to use ImageDivider

Get to know the programme through these simple video tutorials:

Try Christian Skeel’s selected “masks”

Instead of drawing you own mask, you may experiment with some of the logarithmic masks chosen by Christian Skeel. In addition, he has generously made some of his own works available for your experiments. Use the link below to download one of the reproductions, and transform one of his expressive, partly figurative paintings into your own geometrical-abstract picture.

Thus you are encouraged to notice the differences between the final results and observe what happens when your starting point is 1) a private snapshot and 2) a work of art in which colours, composition, and structures have already been defined.

The works were created during the last 10 to 20 years and are untitled, as they have not yet been exhibited.

Download the meshes here.

Download the paintings here.

See how you work with them in this video tutorial:

Join My Museum / this is how you may contribute

Once you have created a picture that you would like to share with Esbjerg Art Museum, you can do so from this web page:

See the exhibition here

About Christian Skeel

Christian Skeel works in the cross-field between e.g. photography and abstraction. In several works he has twisted and morphed photographic renderings of the surrounding world in such a way that what we thought we knew has been partly dissolved into new and surprising expressions. This is an example of the experimental artistic praxis into which My Museum offers an insight.

Christian Skeel has exhibited at Esbjerg Art Museum several times, and he is represented in our collection with a number of important works, created in cooperation with his artistic partner of many years, Morten Skriver. Among the works are the popular scent installation The Garden of Wittgenstein, the large interactive work Split Second, and the beautiful, wondrous water temple Drops Falling into Water.