Become part of an art experiment!

– It is not hard at all to become a member of our My Museum family.

With My Museum, Esbjerg Art Museum offers you an opportunity to continue the creative work on an original design made by an artist affiliated with the museum. You will get a unique chance to work on ’net art multiples’ and create your own pictures in cooperation with professional artists.

As part of My Museum, exhibiting artists, as well as artists represented in our collections, develop multiples specifically for the platform on this web page. In this format we integrate art work and dissemination, production and interpretation, museum and living room. The idea is to make you an active cocreator of small works, in accordance with the artists’ instructions – works that may be presented online as well as hung at home, gradually forming your very own mini-museum. But – what are the deliberations involved in such a creative process? Which choices should you make, and in how many ways may one single artistic idea be unfolded?


Join My Museum

Create your own unique pictures in cooperation with professional artists.

All you need is a few free programmes. Which ones? And how? you may think.

Relax! Our tech-guru Peter will guide you through the entire process.

We hope that your pictures turn out great, so that you will want to print them on fancy paper, frame them, and hang them at home. In this way you can create your very own museum in your living room.

You also have the possibility to upload them to our online gallery.

My Museum is funded by The Bikuben Foundation.

The artists’ multiples

Here you will get the opportunity to cooperate with different artists, using their multiples as your starting point. The list will grow as the project is joined by more artists.

Find the first multiple, developed by Christian Skeel, here

Find Sofie Bird Møller’s multiple here

Find Troels Aagaard’s multiple here

Find Ruth Campau’s multiple here

Find Stine Deja’s multiple here

Find Ferdinand Ahm Krag’s multiple here.

Before you start, please study the simple rules below.



My Museum has a few limitations that you must agree to in order to participate:

My Museum uses the Creative Commons license cc-by-nc-sa* as the license agreement shared by artists, participants, and the museum. This means

that you, without any restrictions, may:

  • print, exhibit, keep, and share the picture you create on social media and elsewhere

that you may not:

  • trade the picture you create, or in other ways use it commercially

that you must:

  • credit the artist behind the design if you choose to make a public presentation of your picture

If you send a copy of your picture to Esbjerg Art Museum, you agree to the museum’s use of it as part of the museum’s dissemination.

This is all you need to know before you start.

If you are further interested in the legal background, you may look here:

cc means Creative Commons, nc is short for ‘non-commercial’, sa for ‘share alike’


If you create your own picture based on e.g. the artist Christian Skeel’s multiple, your creditation should look like this:

cc-by-nc-sa (your name) after an original design by Christian Skeel