Ferdinand Ahm Krag is the sixth artist to be invited into My Museum. Through his contribution he offers to all of us a possibility to combine our own photographs with elements he has used as parts of his works. E.g. by altering and combining a series of selfies we become able to not only create a many-facetted self-portrait, but also to enter Ahm Kragh’s pictorial world into our own self-image.

In his works we are confronted over and over again with diverse layers and transpositions, both content-, scale-, and significance-wise. In My Museum, we are now able to create our own mutable collages, through which we gaze inwards and outwards at the same time. Figuratively speaking, we obtain a new view of the outside world while we let fragments of the world into ourselves.

How to start

Ferdinand Ahm Krag’s elements can be found in this folder.

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About Ferdinand Ahm Krag

Ferdinand Ahm Krag consciously works towards an integration of a micro- and macro world, in such a way that the spectator constantly has to switch perspective and change between gazing into eternity and into his own self. In the meeting with his works it is difficult to find a fixed angle of observation from where an overview might be obtained; this is his way of subtly emphasizing the complexity behind the phenomena of the world and the coherence that we thought we knew.

Ferdinand Ahm Krag is represented in the Esbjerg Art Museum collection with two large-scale paintings, Rogue Planet I and II, and a series of ten paper works. His first museum solo exhibition was at Esbjerg Art Museum in 2011, and more recently, he has contributed to the museum’s comprehensive exhibition- and research project, Wunderkammer.