March 23 – September 1 2024

How do new works enter the collection? How does a museum find out which works to buy? And where do the ideas come from?

These are questions we are often asked; with our present exhibition, we try to deliver concrete answers for them. The exhibition Correlations presents a selection of the works that the museum has acquired during the last ten years.

All state-recognized art museums in Denmark have to work within a precisely defined collection area, ensuring the diversity of the museum landscape. Esbjerg Art Museum is a museum for modern art and contemporary art, but even within this field there are plenty of possibilities.

Good art exists in its time and transcends its time. However, it is created by artists who stand on the shoulders of artists before them. Thus, all relevant works build on a tradition, while at the same time they renew it. Therefore, there is always a correlation between new and older works. Similarly, the exhibition policies of the museum are closely connected to our collection and our area of responsibility.

In consequence hereof, our way of collecting works is testament to who we are as a museum.