Transpositions – between work and gaze

February 19 – August 21 2022

How can the works of different artists communicate in new ways? How can a museum collection remain relevant and contemporary? And how can the museum use an artist’s gaze in the development of new exhibition formats?

The exhibition presents a large number of works by very different artists from the museum’s collection, including Tove Storch, Tina Maria Nielsen, Jytte Høy, Anita Jørgensen, and Thomas Bang. What they have in common is some kind of kinship with Finn Reinbothe.

Alongside Transpositions – between work and gaze, on the first floor of the museum, you may experience a solo exhibition of Reinbothe’s works’: UNTITLED (Working Air) (Directors Cut) – B sides and Rarities (The Movie). Thus, the project is intended as a visual commentary on his way of working, as we, so to speak, view the collection through his eyes. With the two parallel exhibitions, we aim to append renewed relevance to both Reinbothe’s oeuvre and our collection.

All participating artists: Thomas Bang, Torben Ebbesen, Anita Jørgensen, Sven Hauptmann, Tina Maria Nielsen, Sofie Bird Møller, Jytte Høy, Finn Reinbothe, Tove Storch, Rainer Splitt, William Anastasi, Peter Bonde, John Nixon, Christian Lemmerz, Freddie A. Lerche, Erik A. Frandsen, Peter Dahlgren, Nina Saunders, Tobias Rehberger, Lucio Fontana, Hildigunnur Birgisdottir and Albert Mertz.