– the Collection in Perspective

June 2020 –

The title of this presentation of the collection is taken from the world of music. We have transferred the musical term from the sense of hearing to sight. Because Counterpoint is not merely a title; it is the very principle of this exhibition:

In a spatial and rhythmically black and white sequence, eleven of the museum’s main works are mounted side by side with compact squares. Each square consists of other works from the collection that both individually and together constitute a counterpoint to the main work. The same thing happens between the two main works of each room.

The exhibition has been renewed and reorganized in 2020.

counter·point (from Latin contra- counter- + Medieval Latin punctus musical note) t 1 [U] a combination of two or more tunes that are played together to sound like one tune 2 [C] a tune that is one part of counterpoint.