FINN REINBOTHE: UNTITLED (Working Air) (Directors Cut) – B sides and Rarities (The Movie)

February 19 – August 21 2022

How can cover plastic and used cardboard boxes be combined with philosophical considerations and become art? Where is the borderline between meaning and meaninglessness? And how can tools from the world of film be used to expand the audience’s experience in the exhibition?

These surprising and seemingly unrelated questions unite and unfold in the new presentation of Finn Reinbothe’s works. They consist of a multitude of materials, found items and inconspicuous objects and are filled to the brim with humour and whimsical twists. Many works are even site-specific in the sense that they only exist during the exhibition period. After the exhibition they aretaken apart in order for them to become part of new contexts. This type of sampling, which has always characterised Reinbothe’s works both technically and in terms of content, is reinforced in particular the current project. In many ways, the installation is thus comprehensive, yet disparate, and the boundaries between both the individual works, between work and space, and between art and reality are dissolved.

As the title implies, the exhibition is planned as a filmic sequence a form of 3D film strips that you can move around in. Many of Reinbothe’s works are constructed in dialogue with ‘with the terminology of other art forms, for example music, literature – and film. By applying their language, he opens up a new field of opportunity – another space.