Wunderkammer 3 – DNArt

24. April 2021 – 16. January 2022

Life’s big questions form the basis of Wunderkammer 3: Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going from here? The exhibition is organized in cooperation with DNA researchers who work with the extraction of knowledge from life’s invisible, but most fundamental building blocks; but how is this knowledge, procured through their investigations, made relevant? How can we sense and understand those aspects of reality that are imperceptible? By linking the research results with the most recent art works, Wunderkammer 3 is going to make such questions present through a (new) visual form.

Wunderkammer 3 is the last exhibition in a series of three, for which Esbjerg Art Museum received The Vision Exhibition Award in 2017. With the award, The Bikuben Foundation honours a visionary concept capable of ‘reinventing exhibition formats to let art take centre stage’; formats which the award lets the winning institution realize.

The aim of the entire project is to develop a new exhibition format. Often art is presented and experienced as something extrinsic from life. In this project, however, we want to develop an exhibition form which addresses its audience in such a way that it will have an impact on their lives. Nothing less.

The concept ’Wunderkammer’ has its origins in a time before we divided different subjects as e.g. humanities and science into different fields of interest and research, and before we developed the taxonomies that we today take for granted and use to structure and understand the world.

It’s our thesis that the chaotic and inhomogeneous presentation which characterizes the Wunderkammer, can provoke the visitors’ curiosity and encourage them to explore the art pieces in the exhibitions. It is also our thesis that it will lead to a personal and strong experience with art that might find a resonance in every aspect of human life.

Participating artists: Emilie Alstrup, Suzanne Anker, Jaq Chartier, Gina Czarnecki, Stine Deja, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Thomas Feuerstein, Thorbjørn Lausten, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Christian Skeel, Morten Skriver, Morten Søndergaard + a special temporary collaboration between the museum and Mark Dion.